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Whether you are an Individual or Business that needs Tax Consulting Fulton’s Services can assist you.


With the support from Fulton’s Services, you'll be able to address any tax issues. We can advise you on tax resolution and representation, compliance, management reporting and any general personal or business tax concerns.


Working with a single tax consultant that has knowledge of your company or personal records is key to getting the proper and proficient support you need. Make your money work for you by having a trusted advisor that works closely with you throughout the year, creating plans to fit your specific needs.

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We Help Make a Positive Impact on Your Taxes

Tax Resolution & Representation

Get the experienced help you need to address an IRS notice or any other tax notice. Eliminate or minimize tax penalties with prompt attention.

Tax Planning & 


Management  Reporting & Bookkeeping

Lean on a trusted advisor to help you understand what your data means, but more importantly, to create a plan for improving your business and personal finances.

Management Reporting

& Bookkeeping

Government &
Tax Compliance

Ensure the accurate and timely completion of your compliance forms while minimizing the burden of managing these important records.

Government &

Tax Compliance

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