We Offer

  • Employee Payroll

  • Managing Vendor Payments

  • Preparation of Customer Invoices & Statements

  • Cash Balance Reports

  • Reconciling Bank Accounts

  • Maintaining General Ledgers

  • Small Business Tax Preparation, (Including Year-End 1099 reports)

        & More

Bookkeeping Services 

Fulton’s Services is passionate about ensuring your personal and business finances are in order.


We offer full-service Bookkeeping services, including payroll, financial records, year-end tax preparation and filing, and more. Having Fulton’s Services on your team will allow you to focus on your passion for growing yourself and your business!

Are Bookkeepers worth hiring?

Yes, hiring Fulton’s Services to do your bookkeeping will help save you time and money. How?

By hiring us you will not have to worry about purchasing accounting software, employee taxes, employee benefits and etc.



Tel: 984-218-5610

Email:  FultonsServices18@gmail.com


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